2023 World War III Book


by Carl Berryman

Carl Berryman wrote one of the best war books, 2023: World War III. Reading a fictional narrative, which at the same time informative that could blow one’s mind is one of the perks of reading this book. Nowadays, heeding the sense of preparedness and the relevance of having knowledge and abilities on survival is one of the things that go secondary. Most people go with the flow and do not think about what precautions they should take in the event of an unanticipated disaster. Reading fictitious literature for amusement does not preclude you from learning and developing a sense of awareness on the history and how it relates to current events.

2023: World War III examines a scenario and offers a provocative question: how different would the world be if China became the ruling power? What would the world be like? This book delves into China's political, social, and economic motivations, as well as military preparations and grand strategies. Realizing the West's unpreparedness given the military degradation and more funds allotted to unnecessary expenses instead of strengthening the military power, on the other hand, might have far-reaching effects. In a situation where China is in charge, the question of how surrounding countries and the United States will react arises. Reflecting on today's events, how powerful China is, and how it challenges the world, people are seeing possibilities that were previously unseen. It is necessary to prepare oneself for something dreadful that is yet to occur.