Berryman’s book is well written and well organized. It includes intelligent details about weaponry, politics, history, genetically modified foods, and even geology. The author describes plate tectonics and likely earthquake activity should wide-scale bombing ever take place on earth. He writes about the effects of nuclear war on the future climate. He also imagines the value of preparedness and survivalists.

Reviewed By: Toby Berry, US Review of Books 2020

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“2025” is one of the best action novels written by Carl Berryman. Readers who seek to feed their minds with information about armament, politics, history, genetically engineered foods, and even geology – this book is for you. This book is full of details that are fundamental not only now, but also in the future when the potential of chaos blanketing the world arises. Reflecting on current events in various regions of the world, it is impossible not to grieve and feel concerned not only for this generation but also for the next. It is imperative to read and understand things that are fundamental in the area of survival.

“2025” revolves around malnutrition, violence, and the effects of radiation caused by a surprise attack launched from the International Space Station that will kill 95 percent of the urban and suburban population of the United States within two weeks. Given the destroyed strategic assets, there will be no time for retaliation. For a brief while, our cities will transform into jungles ruled by gangs carving out their territory in search of sustenance. All internal combustion engines will be magnetized immediately by an EMP attack; planes will plummet from the sky, and all unprotected vehicles will crash owing to a lack of control. Survivors will be hoping for a return to normalcy in vain. China invades the United States, while Russia invades Europe. Considering the painful truth may cause us to lose sight of the other things amid of the chaos, for instance, to remember our shared hope and prayer – “Lord, grant us continued security and safety. Keep our family intact through the coming decades. Please restore the goodness and rights that we once had…” Some may consider this book to be one of the good action novels that provide knowledge and skills, but after reading it, it will become clear that it is not good, but a great one.

Divided We Fall

‘’Divided We Fall” book is one of the best dystopian novels. It is written by a retired US Army officer as Lieutenant Coronel, Carl Berryman. Trying to see the possible roads waiting ahead is one of the things that may awaken an individual of a lot of things. Reading this book may incite readers to ask and think more questions than settling with the safe but baseless answers. It is fascinating to see relatable circumstances and events in a dystopian society that could underscore reality’s subtle wars.

The book springs the idea of a barely-recognizable America due to the dominance of tyranny masked with the beauty of political correctness. The book provides new and different perspectives about military battles and political issues. When politicians who have been using their political power as the tool for repression, are seen as the protectors and saviors of the common people, will the armed forces controlled by these politicians can go against them? How? Who would then stand and be the brave protectors and saviors of the freedom of the people? Ethan Bradley, the main character in the story has different views that made him the enemy of the state. The Constitution established for the sake of freedom and justice for the people has become meaningless. As one continues to read the book, the unfolding of the events and the ideologies awaken the readers about the political situation and stress what one who has heartfelt patriotism can do to address the particular situations of the country.


Carl Berryman wrote one of the best war books, 2023: World War III. Reading a fictional narrative, which at the same time informative that could blow one’s mind is one of the perks of reading this book. Nowadays, heeding the sense of preparedness and the relevance of having knowledge and abilities on survival is one of the things that go secondary. Most people go with the flow and do not think about what precautions they should take in the event of an unanticipated disaster. Reading fictitious literature for amusement does not preclude you from learning and developing a sense of awareness on the history and how it relates to current events.

2023: World War III examines a scenario and offers a provocative question: how different would the world be if China became the ruling power? What would the world be like? This book delves into China’s political, social, and economic motivations, as well as military preparations and grand strategies. Realizing the West’s unpreparedness given the military degradation and more funds allotted to unnecessary expenses instead of strengthening the military power, on the other hand, might have far-reaching effects. In a situation where China is in charge, the question of how surrounding countries and the United States will react arises. Reflecting on today’s events, how powerful China is, and how it challenges the world, people are seeing possibilities that were previously unseen. It is necessary to prepare oneself for something dreadful that is yet to occur.

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Carl Berryman

Book Author Of Best War Novels

The author earned a B.A. in zoology and a D.VM. Degree from the U. of Missouri. After practicing large animal medicine in Montana, he joined the U.S. Army during Vietnam. He served 13 tours in over 22 years and retired a Lieutenant Colonel. Along the way, he earned a Master of Public Health Degree from the University of Minnesota, emphasis on zoonoses and infectious diseases, and completed two years of graduate training in Veterinary Pathology at Texas A&M University.

He is a former Diplomate in the American College of Veterinary Preventive Medicine. Assignments included a unit Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Weapons Officer in Korea, and a staff officer in Medical Research and Development Command at Fort Detrick, MD. Their sons are retired military, an aerospace engineer Marine Harrier aviator and a U.S. Army Air Assault, Airborne; Ranger qualified Colonel. He currently resides in a small Wyoming town where he and Mrs. Berryman enjoy hunting and fishing.

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