2025 Book Cover


by Carl Berryman

“2025” is one of the best action novels written by Carl Berryman. Readers who seek to feed their minds with information about armament, politics, history, genetically engineered foods, and even geology – this book is for you. This book is full of details that are fundamental not only now, but also in the future when the potential of chaos blanketing the world arises. Reflecting on current events in various regions of the world, it is impossible not to grieve and feel concerned not only for this generation but also for the next. It is imperative to read and understand things that are fundamental in the area of survival.

“2025” revolves around malnutrition, violence, and the effects of radiation caused by a surprise attack launched from the International Space Station that will kill 95 percent of the urban and suburban population of the United States within two weeks. Given the destroyed strategic assets, there will be no time for retaliation. For a brief while, our cities will transform into jungles ruled by gangs carving out their territory in search of sustenance. All internal combustion engines will be magnetized immediately by an EMP attack; planes will plummet from the sky, and all unprotected vehicles will crash owing to a lack of control. Survivors will be hoping for a return to normalcy in vain. China invades the United States, while Russia invades Europe. Considering the painful truth may cause us to lose sight of the other things amid of the chaos, for instance, to remember our shared hope and prayer – “Lord, grant us continued security and safety. Keep our family intact through the coming decades. Please restore the goodness and rights that we once had…” Some may consider this book to be one of the good action novels that provide knowledge and skills, but after reading it, it will become clear that it is not good, but a great one.