Divided We Fall Book Cover Full

Divided We Fall

by Carl Berryman

‘’Divided We Fall” book is one of the best dystopian novels. It is written by a retired US Army officer as Lieutenant Coronel, Carl Berryman. Trying to see the possible roads waiting ahead is one of the things that may awaken an individual of a lot of things. Reading this book may incite readers to ask and think more questions than settling with the safe but baseless answers. It is fascinating to see relatable circumstances and events in a dystopian society that could underscore reality’s subtle wars.

The book springs the idea of a barely-recognizable America due to the dominance of tyranny masked with the beauty of political correctness. The book provides new and different perspectives about military battles and political issues. When politicians who have been using their political power as the tool for repression, are seen as the protectors and saviors of the common people, will the armed forces controlled by these politicians can go against them? How? Who would then stand and be the brave protectors and saviors of the freedom of the people? Ethan Bradley, the main character in the story has different views that made him the enemy of the state. The Constitution established for the sake of freedom and justice for the people has become meaningless. As one continues to read the book, the unfolding of the events and the ideologies awaken the readers about the political situation and stress what one who has heartfelt patriotism can do to address the particular situations of the country.